Ammonia Room Relief System – Transportation and Logistics – Rochelle, IL

This facility is a fully integrated logistics provider with cold storage facilities also available. The existing ammonia system equipment located in the ammonia room had an outdated safety relief system. The project included three sections of relief piping, the ASME ammonia vessels and compressor oil separators, the oil coolers ammonia side, and the oil coolers oil side. The upgrade was a result of updated code requirements in the industry that Summit Refrigeration Group is very familiar with. The majority of the project was due to the completely new vessel and compressor oil separator relief piping system. In addition to replacing the existing undersized piping system, consisting of new header piping and new branch piping to all of the ammonia room relief system equipment, the customer wanted to move the header relief stack to the atmosphere to the opposite side of the room. This required a completely new design approach to the new relief system calculations. The old existing relief stack previously allowed for possible discharge in an area that maintenance staff could be working on the rooftop. In addition to meeting the customer design request, Summit Refrigeration was able to design the system based on the worst-case relief scenario of a prolonged fire in the ammonia room.

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