CO2 Refrigeration


The refrigeration industry has relied on ammonia as the standard for cold storage and process applications. Regulations and added costs of safety & compliance have spurred a resurgence in the interest and use of CO2 (R-744) as a viable alternative to Ammonia and environmentally unfriendly HFCs. CO2 has been proven successful as a secondary coolant or low-stage refrigerant in cascade systems. With the development of Adiabatic Condensers, CO2 is becoming an attractive option for all refrigeration applications where flammability, toxicity, and environmental impact are primary concerns.

Summit Refrigeration Group is experienced in Design and Construction of highly efficient CO2 low-temperature applications. We have the largest group of CO2 trained service technicians in the Great Lakes area.


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Benefits of CO2

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Can be vented to atmosphere
  • Non-ozone depleting (ODP=0)
  • CO2 has almost no Global Warming Potential (GWP=1)
  • Not subject to regulatory mandates
  • Helps achieve GreenChill Platinum Certification
  • Conforms to objectives of the Montreal Protocol
  • Long-term, abundantly available, natural refrigerant
  • Thousands of proven installations
  • More efficient than conventional HCFC systems in some climates
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