Engine Room Expansion & New Control System – Food Processing – Tulsa, OK

This facilities primary product is biscuits, manufactured for one of the largest fast food companies in the world. They were asked to start producing hot cakes, Summit Refrigeration Group was tasked with designing and installing an expansion to their existing engine room to support the new addition that would house the production equipment and spiral freezer. This design was to include the ability to add a 2nd process line should the need arise. Challenges in the design were to try and use as much of the existing equipment as possible and the engine room foot print was not to change. During our engineering review, we also determined that the intercooler would need to be changed, additional compression would need to be added as well as condensing capacity. The existing roof mains would not support the load so a new set of pipe mains would be in the final design. We also designed the process room cooling requirements and oven room ventilation systems and an entire replacement of their control system.

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