New Ammonia System – Distribution Center – Fall Creek, WI

This facility will provide cheese processing including cutting, slicing, wedging, and party trays to name a few. This in addition to cheese cooling and cold storage of both cheese and butter. The plant includes one (1) 16,000 ft cold storage freezer at -10F, one (1) 9,000 ft2 cooler at +33F, one (1) 6,000 ft2 cooler at +33F, and one (1) large 70 TR production room. The ammonia refrigeration system was designed with the future in mind. The refrigeration system was designed for future expansion of 100% of initial capacity. This will save money for the future expansion by reducing the equipment needed to expand the facility. This included sizing of all rooftop piping to handle twice the current design capacity. Valves at the end of the rooftop main headers will eliminate the need to pump down/pump out ammonia during the future expansion construction phase. The high pressure receiver and two (2) recirculator skid vessels were oversized to be able to handle the future expansion as well. The system includes a single screw compressor capable for swing duty at the present, but may also be used for the future expansion without the need for more low or high stage compression. Compressor and condenser motors are inverter duty ready of future addition of variable frequency drives without the need to replace any motors.

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