New Ammonia System – Distribution Center – Janesville, WI

This $75 million dollar distribution center in Janesville, WI, holds nearly 1 million-square-feet of warehouse, office space, a truck maintenance facility, and two guardhouses. The facility features heating and cooling using ammonia, glycol and water piped throughout the building. The ammonia cooling system includes a low temperature freezer with a -20F room temperature. The freezer is small, at only 7TR of refrigeration, which is a small capacity for an ammonia application. This freezer uses the smallest available Frick screw compressor model available today. This freezer is used to cool gel packs, which are used for cooling products that are delivered to individual stores. The freezer is located just on the other side of the engine room wall and because of this, the valve groups for the two (2) coils on the evaporator are located inside the engine room and outside of the normally occupied space. The ammonia high temperature system is used for comfort cooling, which uses approximately 900 GPM of 42°F glycol to supply a number of air handling units for cooling off the large square footage of the facility. The Heat Exchanger is rated for approximately 500TR.

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