New Central Ammonia Refrigeration System – Ice Supplier – Youngstown, OH

This national leader in packaged ice has 47 state of the art manufacturing plants that produce over 5,700 tons of ice per day.  As they have at 6 other locations in the past, this facilty reached out to Summit Refrigeration Group to perform the ammonia piping, insulation, pipe painting and start-up of their latest state-of-the-art facility in Youngstown, OH.  The project was to include the ammonia refrigeration piping of compressor, condenser, high pressure receiver, desuperheater and recirculator equipment hooked up to a 12 cell Vogt Tube Ice/Turbo ice plant. Construction challenges included installation of equipment in limited space in the engine room and ice plant room along with support of the piping system from building purlins and off the concrete slabs.  Weather was also an issue with constant rain hindering the exterior work.  Thanks to everyone involved for completing this project safely and on time.

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