New Engine Room – Food Processing – Plover, WI

This food processing facility decided to replace one of their nitrogen spiral freezers with a new spiral, utilizing mechanical refrigeration. Their current ammonia system would not be able to support the new spiral since it did not have enough capacity, nor the space to expand. We were asked to design and build a complete packaged engine room. This included the required compression, condensing, sump tank, control system, ventilation and associated specialties. Our design team went to work, with both the structural engineer and the panel contractor, and were able to create and build the package in our 30,000 sq/ft facility in Menomonee Falls, WI. Upon completion, the package was shipped to Plover, WI and set in place. Final piping for the condenser that was shipped directly to the site, along with the spiral freezer. This overall design solution provided minimal disruption to the facility, quick on-site turnaround time for production, and came with the assurance of another superior design by the Summit team.

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