New Storage Freezer – Pharmaceutical Facility – Clayton, NC

The -31°F main storage freezer is 200’ x 82’ x 7 stories high with an automated storage and retrieval system. There are various other conditioned spaces within the plant that include a -31 storage freezer, +41 packaging area as well as +41 shipping, receiving and material handling areas. Design challenges included proving redundancy and backup systems as part of the system design as the facility will contain over 1 billion dollars of product used for various prescription drug manufacturing. Our design department went to work developing the design to include approximately 30% coil redundancy, 50% compressor and condenser redundancy and 100% redundancy for the low temp vessel systems. Working with Colmac coil we designed several coils to include a nitrogen cooling section that would provide cooling to the critical -31° storage areas. In the event the entire mechanical system suffered a catastrophic failure the nitrogen system would be activated metering nitrogen to the coils to condition the areas. This level of redundancy was affectionately called “Armageddon” We also worked closely with the electrical design group that provided 3 levels of power distribution. Other challenges included designing the piping systems for hurricane force winds, potentially over 100 MPH! We teamed up with AAIM Controls to design a central PLC control system again with several levels of redundancy.

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