New Ammonia System – Food Processing – St. Cloud, WI

This facility, established in 1916, is a manufacturer of award winning string cheese located in St. Cloud, WI. This facility did not include any ammonia cooling prior to the project. The plant was utilizing several freon systems located in different parts of the plant. As part of a project to add whey cooling equipment, the decision was made to decommission the freon systems and add the cooling requirements of these systems, along with that of the new whey equipment into to one centralized ammonia system. The ammonia system location was designed with future and safety considerations. This manufacturer has experienced many expansions over the years due to continued growth. Instead of locating the ammonia room adjacent to the plant, a stand-alone, ammonia building was placed approximately 110 feet away from the existing plant connected with a glycol pipe bridge to the plant. This would allow for expansions to the central plant, while keeping the ammonia isolated from the plant until future expansions. The ammonia building was also designed with locations for a future compressor and condenser above and beyond the foreseeable future needs.

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